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If you need an estimate of a project, I encourage you to fill in the form below - including the scope of the order and including all relevant information on the ideas and the execution budget of the order. The submitted information and materials will be an invaluable help to me. If you have any questions, please contact me.

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Work of even the best specialist will not be comfortable if he has no basic information about the order. Please fill in detailed information on the subject of implementation, in order to facilitate the work of the project and communication at work.

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Clarify the goals and objectives of your website. Even the most advanced page will not make any potential observer interested, if its appearance and content are not prepared according to the specific target group. To do this, fill in the form with the missing information.

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Being in possession of information on the subject of implementation and project description, I only lack information about the basic structure of the project, i.e. tabs in the main menu, page layout, information about items on the home page and subpages. For this purpose, please fill in the form below.

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Please specify the indicative budget and the deadline for completion, as scheduled for execution of the project. According to my experience, I will suggest the most effective solution within the specified budget.

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